If you wish to have a strong and dependable oral health, Dr. Alan J. White strongly recommends coming into our office for a dental exam and cleaning every six months.

A dental exam and a dental cleaning in Staunton, Virginia, is the process of deeply cleaning your teeth and examining your entire oral cavity to make sure there are no dental issues. If there are indeed oral problems in your mouth, your dentist will provide treatment right away to give you the best and painless dental experience possible.

Your dental cleaning will first begin with one of our dental hygienists scraping the surfaces of your teeth to remove the plaque that resides there. This is a very beneficial technique because it eliminates any risks associated with gum disease and periodontal disease. Next, we will scrub, wash, rinse, and floss your teeth, which is a great way to deeply clean the hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. We will then conclude the cleaning with a fluoride treatment, which will be flavored and will be in the form of a foam, gel, or varnish. We will put the fluoride into your mouth and will ask you to wait for a few minutes. As the time passes by, the fluoride minerals will soak into your teeth and will nourish and strengthen them.

To schedule your next dental exam and cleaning, call our office today!