Do you wish you had more of a beautiful and stunning smile? If so, Dr. Alan J. White is thrilled to help you enhance the appearance of your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Staunton, Virginia!

Cosmetic dentistry is a service we offer that involves correcting the imperfections in your teeth that distract from the beauty of your smile. We currently offer the following services to do the job:

With these services, we are able to align your teeth, brighten your smile, and change the shape, color, size, or length of a single tooth. If you are interested in any of these services, we invite you to come into our dental office and meet with your dentist. During this meeting, your dentist will examine your teeth and smile and will decide which service will best benefit you. Then, he will create a treatment plan that will end in your perfect smile. When you are ready, we will get you started on the cosmetic journey right away!

We understand that a smile is something that can alter or hinder your self-confidence, and we are here to give you the smile that will boost your self-esteem and make you feel good about yourself. Call our office today and set up an appointment!