Are you embarrassed by your yellowing teeth every time you smile to take a picture or look into the mirror? If so, Dr. Alan J. White is happy to offer teeth whitening in Staunton, Virginia, to give you the bright, brilliant smile you are proud of.

Teeth whitening is generally needed when your teeth become dull because of age or because of the use of coffee, tobacco products, red wine, tea, or soda. This is a very common condition that can be treated with simple whitening techniques. This is the dental whitening processes we offer:

  • Take-Home Whitening: This type of whitening involves your dentist creating whitening trays that fit perfectly in your mouth. The trays will then be filled with a whitening solution and you will wear these trays over the course of a couple weeks. When you complete the process, you will have the white smile you seek.

To learn more about the whitening solution we have for you, call our office today!