The Ways a Dental Exam Can Benefit You

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Your dentist, Dr. Alan J. White, recommends visiting our office every six months so you can receive a dental cleaning and exam. Today, our dental team would like to help you understand why your dental examinations are a vital part of your dental checkup appointments. Dental exams can benefit you in many ways. In fact, they can:

-Identify any dental problems: Your dentist will examine the tooth enamel, tooth roots, gums, other oral tissues, and more to look for any signs of gum disease, tooth decay, enamel erosion, infection, and more. If a problem is detected, he will provide you with the necessary treatment as soon as possible.

-Identify oral cancer: This is because your dentist will perform an oral cancer screening during your appointment. If an oral cancer symptom is identified, your dentist will do a biopsy and inform you on the next steps to take.

-Give you a better idea of how to care for your smile: This is because your dentist will find weak spots in your mouth. To help you prevent problems, he will give you the tips and tools you need.

To learn more about dental exams in Staunton, Virginia, please reach out to our dental team at Dr. Alan J. White, D.D.S.. All you need to do is dial 540-886-1979 and we will be more than happy to help you. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment if you are due for a checkup. We look forward to your phone call!