Signs That Dry Mouth Is Affecting Your Smile

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When the salivary glands produce insufficient saliva, this is known as dry mouth and can lead to negative side effects. Our dentist and team are committed to helping you address signs of dry mouth, and we encourage you to know the symptoms of this condition.

Also known as dry mouth syndrome or xerostomia, dry mouth is the outcome of reduced or stopped saliva flow that produces chronic dryness in the mouth. This oral condition is especially prevalent among older patients, and although dry mouth is not recognized as a disorder, it has been linked to many uncomfortable side effects in your smile.

It’s important to know the symptoms of dry mouth in order to know if you need to seek treatment. In addition to the tell-tale dry feeling in the mouth, other signs include:

  • A hard time swallowing, spitting, talking, or chewing
  • Tenderness in the mouth
  • Frequent split skin or sores in the corners of the lips
  • Bad breath
  • A persistent sore throat or hoarseness
  • An altered sense of taste
  • Inability to wear dentures

Dry mouth can be caused by aging, tobacco and alcohol use, and certain medications. We encourage you to contact our office if you have had a dry feeling in your mouth that has lasted longer than 48 hours.

Please feel free to call 540-886-1979 today and arrange a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Alan J. White, if you have concerns about dry mouth in Staunton, Virginia, and would like to visit Dr. Alan J. White, D.D.S..