Saliva: The Facts You Should Know

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If you’re interested in knowing all about your mouth and smile, our dentist, Dr. Alan J. White, is happy to help you. Today, he would like to tell you all about saliva. Saliva is very beneficial for your teeth, gums and overall oral health. To help you know all there is to know about saliva in Staunton, Virginia, our dentist is happy to share the following saliva facts. Those facts are:

-Saliva washes bacteria and food particles from your teeth, gums and smile. This can help you prevent dental issues, like tooth decay and enamel erosion.

-Saliva can enhance your taste buds and make swallowing easier by moistening and breaking down food.

-Saliva can help you avoid tooth decay and oral infections because it provides disease-fighting substances.

-Saliva can help you have strong teeth because it provides high levels of calcium, phosphate ions and fluoride.

-Chewing can help improve your saliva flow, which is why our dental team encourages you to chew sugarless gum after each time you eat.

To learn more about saliva or to ask our friendly dental team a question about saliva, please reach out to Dr. Alan J. White, D.D.S. by dialing 540-886-1979. We will be more than happy to share the tips, details and information you need. We look forward to helping you!