Protect Your Smile with these 3 Mouth Guards

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As you watch basketball players play, boxers fight, soccer players run, and football players tackle, do you ever notice the thick, colorful mouth guard protecting their smile? Well, these players are smart when it comes to their teeth, gums, and underlying bone. Without this successful appliance, there is a high chance all of their teeth could get knocked to the ground.

Do you play sports or participate in high-contact activities? If so, you can also protect your smile with one of these three mouth guards:

Stock mouth guards
Stock mouth guards are the most inexpensive option and they come preformed and ready to go. These guards can be easily purchased at the local sporting goods store. However, there isn’t a way to adjust the fitting to make the guards fit better. These guards also make breathing and talking difficult and they provide little to no protection. Dentists don’t usually recommend this appliance.

Boil-and-bite mouth guard
A boil-and-bite mouth guard can also be found at the local sporting goods store and it offers a better fit than a stock mouth guard. It is also easy to make the guard fit over your smile. First, you will put the guard in a bowl of boiling water. Second, you will let it soften. Third, you will place the guard in your mouth and will firmly bite down. Fourth, apply pressure to the guard with your tongue and fingers while it is still in your mouth. Fifth, take the appliance out of your mouth and let the appliance dry and harden.

Custom-made mouth guard
If you want a mouth guard made for your specific smile, a custom-fitted mouth guard is your best option. This guard is made in a dental office or dental lab and it is designed to fit perfectly over your smile. It will provide the most comfort and protection.

If you would like tips on the best guard for your smile, call our office today. We are more than happy to meet with you, examine your smile, and make mouth guard suggestions!