Professional Tooth Bleaching Procedure to Safely and Effectively Brighten Your Smile

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Many people struggle with stains on the teeth in their smile. A stained smile can leave you feeling self-conscious and wanting to explore your whitening options. Fortunately, the dental professionals at the practice of Dr. Alan J. White, D.D.S. are adept and have years of experience helping people find the bright, white smile they’ve always wanted.

Our professional tooth bleaching procedure can safely and effectively brighten the teeth in your smile without having to waste valuable time and money on the often ineffective whitening products sold in stores.

At the start of the professional bleaching procedure Dr. Alan J. White, D.D.S. will take measures to protect your gums from the potent bleaching agents. This is usually done by applying a special gel or installing a temporary rubber dam.

With your gums safely protected Dr. White will then pour a small amount of concentrated bleaching gel into trays that are inserted into your mouth and held there. How deeply your teeth are stained, will directly influence how long the tooth bleaching procedure takes. Once the bleaching is done Dr. White will use a special ultraviolet light to further brighten your teeth.

If you would like to explore your teeth whitening options, please give our team a call today at 540-886-1979 to set up an appointment.