Oral Health Care Procedures: Mouth Guards

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Do you protect your smile from the daily onslaught of bacteria and harmful acids? Do you attend routine check-ups with your dentist to ensure your cleaning methods are going smoothly? Lastly, do you protect your mouth against blunt trauma dangers and oral accidents that can occur? Unfortunately, most individuals skip out on damage prevention that may arise in the future.

Dental damage due to blunt trauma is extremely common in individuals who participate in contacts sports. Most oral health accidents that occur are due to high-risk activities related to contact sports. Thus, it is important to protect your smile with protective gear such as mouth guards. Depending on your needs, your mouthguard can be adjusted to accommodate your exact dental profile.

Boil and bite guards and customizable bite guards are both designed to precisely fit your bite impression. By molding to your exact dental profile, they can protect your teeth much more effectively than standard mouthguards can. However, one size fits all mouthguards can still be found should access to the other types not be available, as minimal protection is still better than no protection. For more information, contact your dentist.

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