Dr. Alan J. White is happy to help you with your snoring habits by providing you with a snore guard in Staunton, Virginia.

Snoring generally results in your oral muscles collapsing and blocking your air ways while you sleep. When you snore, the air is trying to get through the small passage way in your throat but it is struggling to get through. The snore guard your dentist currently offers is an appliance that keeps your muscles from collapsing and keeps your airways open. This is a very comfortable and portable device that fits snug in your mouth. We make these guards so they are customized for your specific situation and so they can also provide the most success for you personally.

This product is very beneficial because it allows you to breathe, it gives your entire body the oxygen it needs to survive, and it gives you sleep-filled nights. We are happy to give you this option to help you wake up refreshed in the morning and also give you the energy and oxygen your body needs to operate properly throughout the day.

To benefit from our successful and convenient snore guards, call our office today and set up an appointment!