Are You Informed about Laser Dentistry?

Not all smiles demand extensive repairs, but if they do, laser dentistry may be able to assist you. Thanks to the precision of lasers, they have been frequently used in a variety of dental procedures since the early 1990s. Depending on your oral health care needs, lasers can prepare your... Read more »

3 Best Electric Toothbrushes to Combat Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can prevent you from brushing your teeth properly, which can cause a ripple-effect with future dental conditions surfacing; it may also reduce the time needed to brush your teeth because of the pain. Studies show electric toothbrushes can help achieve a better, overall clean, however, you may not... Read more »

Healthy Food Can Improve Your Oral Health

Although getting food on your teeth is a common obstacle when fighting your way to optimal oral health, some foods that have been proven to actually improve it. Here are some supportive tips for eating in such a way that will enhance your smile: - Avoid snacking between meals. This... Read more »

The ADA Helps You Stay Healthy

The American Dental Association (the ADA) is among the most recognized dental authority groups. They provide beneficial information for choosing the best tooth-brushing products, they work with dental education, and they accurately describe dental science. On many products, the ADA leaves a seal of approval which means that it has... Read more »

A Cracked Tooth Might Need a Root Canal

Sometimes a hard blow to the face from a sports injury or a household accident can impart significant force to one of your teeth. This could potentially crack, shatter, or deeply fracture a tooth. A situation like this can cause severe pain and significant dental trauma. In a moment such... Read more »

What is the Cause of My Halitosis Condition?

Do you know the cause of your bad breath? If you have bad breath that lasts longer than a few minutes after a meal, then you may be suffering from halitosis. Halitosis, also known as bad breath, can be embarrassing. However, knowing the cause of the problem can help correct... Read more »

Tobacco Stains Can Be Removed with a Professional Bleaching Treatment Administered by a Dentist

Tobacco stains on the teeth in your smile can leave you feeling self-conscious in the professional arena and in your social life. Many people in a situation like this will be tempted to turn to the whitening products available in retail stores. Unfortunately, stains caused by tobacco tar is often... Read more »

Are Your Teeth in Danger of Developing Bruxism?

Are your teeth in danger of developing bruxism? Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is a state of regularly grinding and gnashing your teeth, often while unconscious. One of the most common forms of bruxism, sleep bruxism, transpires while you are asleep and can easily go undiagnosed for long periods... Read more »

Oral Cancer: The Signs

Have you heard that you should schedule an appointment with your dentist at least once every six months? Have you ever thought about why this is so important? You see, visiting our team will give us an opportunity to clean your pearly whites and to inspect your teeth for signs... Read more »

What Advantages Are There with Dental Veneers?

Do you wish to turn your average smile into a sparkling masterpiece? Are your teeth discolored, flat, worn, or stained beyond repair? With dental veneers, you can conceal your flaws and bring out the smile you wish to have. We can turn all sorts of smiles into the beauties they... Read more »