Bad Breath Sources and Solutions

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Halitosis may not be harmful to anyone but the unlucky person who has to smell it, but it could be a sign of unhealthy habits that need changing. Bad breath is an unfortunate oral issue that can be awkward to address. This may be why grocery, drug and convenience stores fill their counter space with mints, chewing gum and breath fresheners. While these interim remedies may be helpful to hide some odors, they are only temporary half measures.

Bad breath can have multiple areas of origin, each of which can be targeted and neutralized with certain healthy habits. There are some types of foods, certain health issues, and a few bad habits that could be the beginnings of a person’s bad breath.

Sources of Bad Breath:

-Some foods and spices. Garlic and onions.
-Smoking tobacco
-Not brushing and flossing.
-Dry mouth
-Lack of saliva flow
-Medications that contribute to dry mouth.
-Mouth infections that stem from tooth decay, gum disease, mouth sores, or wounds due to oral surgery.
-GERD. Gastroesophageal reflux disease can cause bad breath.
-Other mouth, nose and throat ailments from disease or disorders. Cancers, metabolic conditions, etc., can bring foul mouth odor because of chemicals that are produced. Children may have bad breath due to food items being lodged in the nostrils.

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