Are Your Teeth in Danger of Developing Bruxism?

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Are your teeth in danger of developing bruxism? Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is a state of regularly grinding and gnashing your teeth, often while unconscious. One of the most common forms of bruxism, sleep bruxism, transpires while you are asleep and can easily go undiagnosed for long periods of time. If your mouth ever feels different or “off” when you wake up, look for these signs and symptoms of bruxism:

– Your teeth might look flat or dull from bruxism damage, or even split or cracked with no explanation of how the damage got there.

– Your mouth may be extra sensitive and sore to the touch.

– Your tongue is indented and your cheek tissue shows signs of bite marks.

– Ask a sleep partner or roommate if you gnash your teeth loudly while you sleep.

– You experience jaw soreness and face pain when you awake.

– Bruxism can be caused by other conditions such as TMJ disorders.

– You experience headaches and earaches.

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