A Cracked Dental Bridge Needs to Be Treated

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When a single tooth is lost to dental trauma or untreated tooth decay, the resulting void can do more than compromise your ability to chew food. In time it can lead to problems with the alignment of the surrounding teeth, as well as other cosmetic concerns.

In many of these cases a dentist like Dr. Alan J. White can install a dental bridge onto the two teeth neighboring the void to support an artificial tooth. The material it will be made from will rival the natural strength of tooth enamel.

However, a dental bridge is not invulnerable. Sometimes an accidental blow to the mouth during sports or a household fall can chip, fracture or potentially crack the piece of dental work. Individuals who have a bad habit of nervously chewing on foreign objects or crunching on ice are also at increased risk of suffering a damaged bridge.

Even if the affected dental bridge doesn’t cause any immediate discomfort, you should still have it examined by our dentist as soon as possible. The longer you wait to seek professional treatment the more likely you are to experience unnecessary complications.

After assessing the severity of the problem, he will help you understand your treatment options, which might include removing the compromised dental bridge to start the process of providing you with a replacement.

If you are in the Staunton, Virginia, region and you have a damaged or distressed dental bridge, you should call 540-886-1979 to have it examined and treated at Dr. Alan J. White, D.D.S..